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There are many hidden dangers in equipment manufacturing industry in our country
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Recently, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ross (WilburRoss) in an interview with the Reuters expressed concern about the United States in the semiconductor industry because of industrial safety, national security application of semiconductor is very wide, can be used for military hardware and many related equipment in the national economy.
Industry security is not only a country in the United States, but industrial security has always been the basis and important connotation of national economic security, and is the basic starting point for the formulation and implementation of industrial policies for sustainable development.
Equipment manufacturing industry can best represent a country's scientific and technological, military and other hard power, and its level of development determines the modernization process of all countries. At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry has entered a moderate growth period, the supply side structural reform policy effect of the initial show, to promote the equipment manufacturing industry to the high-end and forward the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. But equipment manufacturing industry security issues are becoming increasingly apparent, if not pay attention to, may produce new industrial safety problems.
Many hidden dangers
With the application and promotion of new technology in the field of equipment and the return of advanced manufacturing in developed countries, the equipment manufacturing industry in China is facing new hidden dangers.
At present, China's high-end equipment supply capacity is inadequate, the core components rely on imports. The core component of China's equipment manufacturing industry, such as the robot with high precision, speed reducer, servo motor drive, high performance and high performance controller, sensors and the end effector of the five key parts, material manufactured by high beam quality and laser beam shaping system, servo motor, high precision encoder, the tools used in NC machine tool are dependent on imports. The reason is that China's industrial "four basis" is weak, the lack of industrial robots, key components, engineering machinery, high pressure plunger motors, new power electronic devices, MEMS and other advanced design and manufacturing technology.
German industrial 4, American Internet industry, Japan's industrial value chain have been introduced three reference architecture, and began actively to the international organization for standardization to declare top standards, if our intelligent manufacturing industry will continue to accelerate the construction of standards, lack of standards of international discourse. In emerging technologies, such as incremental manufacturing, due to lack of participation in enterprise cooperation, has not yet implemented a unified standard. In addition, the product precision, reliability and production efficiency compared with imported products still have a large gap in China: one-way repeated positioning precision lathe, milling and grinding machine in 2.5 m; for the international high-end 1.6 m or 1 m, is still in the development stage; the quality of domestic CNC system, MTBF (mean fault time) for 10 thousand hours, while the international level has reached 80 thousand hours.
The core technology of equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country is not enough, and there are not many patents. According to the European Patent Office data, general equipment field, China's only 89, far lower than Japan 890, 1278 in Germany and the United States in 2229; electrical equipment and instrumentation, energy supply and transportation equipment, Japan, Germany and the United States the number of patents in 1000 or more, while China is 100 that gap. In addition, due to the amount of patent applications to become an important indicator of performance evaluation, while increasing the number of patents, quality is declining, most of the utility model patents.
The highly qualified composite talents of equipment manufacturing industry in our country are seriously insufficient. From the management perspective, the lack of a leader of foresight and high levels of research and development, marketing, financial management and other aspects of specialized personnel; from the staff perspective, there are many junior technicians and senior technicians, technicians, more than the traditional modern mechanic less skilled technicians, more than a single compound less workers the phenomenon, the influence of industrial technical strength promotion.
In addition, multinational companies with its strong research and development, increase investment in Chinese personnel training in Colleges and universities, the talent development strategy is not conducive to the infiltration of Chinese enterprises qualified personnel, affect the equipment manufacturing industrial security.
At the same time, the manufacturing industry in China is at two levels and the level of integration is low, and there are short boards in intelligent manufacturing. In China, the informatization development among different regions, industries and enterprises is unbalanced. Some enterprises have carried out intelligent exploration, but a large number of factories are still in the 2 stage of industry. The hardware and software of intelligent lack of independent research and development technology, high-end sensor, operating system, key parts mainly rely on imports, promote the digital transformation and integration process behind the overall level of global big data, to some extent hindered the development of intelligent manufacturing.
China's high-end CNC system development and production is still in a relatively backward situation, such as precision, China's CNC system can achieve micron level precision interpolation, and numerical control system of MITSUBISHI, FANUC, SIEMENS are nanometer interpolation or nanometer precision. Global product lifecycle management of the mainstream of industrial software development by the German company SIEMENS, American PTC company and the French Dassault, the lack of independent intellectual property rights in China, at a disadvantage.
Lack of safety awareness, lack of protection for industrial big data. At present, in our country, with the development of intelligent manufacturing and high emphasis on information security of industrial networks, the security problems of sensors, lasers and their carrying capacity have not been paid much attention to. In the control list of dual-use items in the United States and European Union, will be "sensor and laser" as a separate category, such as the United States has 57 items, the EU has 33, while China only in accordance with the requirements of the Nuclear Suppliers of 4 items (photomultiplier tube, scanning and imaging device and camera technology, velocity interferometer) regulation.
Developed countries have increased their interest in

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