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To "innovation" as the creed of "wisdom to research" as the war Lve
发布者:     来源:   时间:2016/11/13  

From the age of 19 began to contact the hardware mold, to start to set up 100 minko mold, and 100 control equipment Co., Ltd., 30 years of experience, to "innovation" the enterprise culture as a guide to "intelligent scientific research" as the strategic arms, Li Fang has been on the road ahead.
Li Fang, general manager of Ningbo Mingke Mold Co. Ltd. and Ningbo 100 and 100 and Control Equipment Co Ltd. Li Fang was born in 60s at the end of last century and the majority of entrepreneurs age, walked home, Doushi, learn, the path of entrepreneurship. "At that time, Mason carpenter is a hot industry, and I like machinery, is also very glad that is visionary father engaged in mold industry, to find a good way of development." Li Fang says. Although not Cobain was born, but with a fearless spirit, the spirit of hard study and clear strategic vision, Li Fangchuang made out of his kingdom".
"The company has mold development of die forging, from late 80s heat treatment, precision mold development and manufacturing business, the traditional industry technology content is not high, the development prospects are also limited." In 2008, when enterprises encountered bottlenecks, Li Fang resolutely choose transition, engaged in monocrystalline silicon direct fired furnace manufacturing, re opened a road of development. However, due to changes in the market environment good times don't last long, 2012, Europe and the United States promulgated "anti-dumping" policy, silicon Czochralski furnace rapidly unsalable. A forward thinking Li Fang offered second transformation, invested millions of yuan, the joint senior professor of Zhejiang University, began the development of intelligent ball tester, synchronization was established with the support of the 100 and 100 and Control Equipment Co Ltd. In 2013, the first "BJB" automatic ball sorting machine came out.
Li Fang understands that in the era of innovation and success, who has mastered the core technology, who can have greater initiative and competitiveness?. A solid transcript also proves that he can afford such ambition". In early 2015, Li began to research and develop eddy current testing technology of the second generation "BJB" type steel ball sorting machine, successfully breaking the only Czech Aviko company's monopoly of the technology for more than 50 years. Japanese cedar Island, Japan AKS, NN and other international top companies, have the initiative to come to seek cooperation. Last May, is committed to providing customers to find the best solution of the Li Fang successfully developed the first domestic steel packaging machine for 7 patents and put on the market, reduce manual packaging errors, to prevent unqualified products outflow. The packing machine is just one of the ring, with the development of more products, I hope I can form from the automatic assembly line cleaning and sorting to the intelligent warehouse, the series of products into a key operation of intelligent closed loop." At present, in the field of steel ball sorting Mingke mold frame is the domestic and the world leaders, but Li Fang is still clearly aimed at their industrial automation production equipment development target ball.
Icebergs, reefs, pincer, rudder, cell phones, intelligence, coping. I learn meditation accumulate steadily development period to throw off the arm, make snap forward, now Li Fang is committed to seeking greater breakthroughs, continuous development of the industrial chain, unswervingly for his wisdom made the kingdom of building blocks.

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