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In the next ten years, the manufacturing sector will be able to cut production costs by 40%
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Virtue research organization in the global scope of testing after more than 750 from the product manager top industrial technology companies come to a conclusion, if manufacturers today began to implement the factory of the future plan, will be able to save up to 40% of the cost of the next ten years.
The survey was conducted jointly by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the laboratory machine tool and production engineering (WZL) at the Rheinisch Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen University. Its purpose is to define the future of the factory in 2030. The research areas are mainly concentrated in three aspects: automobile, engineering, product and process.
85% of respondents believe that their company will benefit from future factories; 74% of respondents said that their company has implemented a number of projects, or plans to do so within five years. However, only 25% said they had achieved their goals in the past year.
This study analyzes how to switch manufacturing costs (manufacturing costs to lower material costs) and the impact of implementing intelligent factories over the next ten years. The study found that future manufacturing costs would fall by as much as 20%, while conversion costs could fall by as much as 40%. The benefits for manufacturers will include increased flexibility, quality, speed, and safety.
BCG expects that in order to make the future of the factory a reality, companies will have to invest 13-19% annually in the next ten years to upgrade their factories. The head of the business innovation center at BCG partners said that the plant will undergo fundamental changes in the future and that the assembly line will be replaced by flexible manufacturing, which will be more widely used to communicate with production machinery.
Most car manager said intelligent robot is the future of manufacturing lead, 60% of respondents said that the future will enhance the realization of an important role, especially in the automobile assembly process, you can use the smart glasses to guide workers to complete assembly, and inform the assembly error or safety information.
Future factories will need strong IT infrastructure and security technology to support, qualified employees will also be the key. But 38% of the study car respondents considered employee skills to be a major challenge. The future factory belongs to the top management agenda, and its implementation is not only a production project, but also the operation of the whole company.

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